Do you fancy a holiday far away from the crowds? Do you want a solid base for great trips in rural Hungary? Do you want to eat, drink and shop at very low prices. Then go to Forro i northeastern Hungary.


In the village of Forro you can rent a whole house with all modern facilities. The house can accomodate up to six person in three bedrooms. You find a living room with television, dining room, kitchen with gas stove, bathroom with shower and bath tub, a terrace next to the kithcen, a wooden terrace with a grill in the yard and three bikes.



        The house in Forro                      Kitchen with all you need       Bathroom with shower and bathtub




Two persons in one bedroom: 100 Euro for three days, 200 Euro per week

3-4 personer in two bedrooms: 140 Euro for three days, 275 Euro per week

5-6 persons in three bedrooms: 175 Euro for three days, 345 Euro per week




Mobile: +45 26703681



     The nearby Varalja Castle               Old houses in Forro             Details from a Forro garden

Forro is perfectly situated for a holiday in northeastern Hungary and southeastern Slovakia. The famous wine district Tokaj is just 35 kilometres away. The same goes for the exiting town center of Slovakian Kosice. Just on the other side of the Slovakian border you find the Slovensky Raj, ideal for trekking.

Hungary's third biggest town, Miskolc, is just 30 kilometres away. Here you find the old historic Diosgyöri castle. The beautiful palace in Lilafüred is situated 8 kilometres from Miskolc in the forest covered Bükk Mountains with some of the highest points in Hungary.

The town of Eger with its rich historic past and enourmous wine fields is situated 100 kilometres from Forro.

The area around Forro is ideal for small bycycle trips. The old Varalja Castle is just 10 kilometres away. Behind the castle there are huge forestclad hills with public picnic and grill areas.

The village of Forro hosts a small district museum and lots of the long traditional farm houses. Even though Forro is small you will find restaurant, shops and bars. The price level is low. Half a liter of beer costs less than 1 Euro. Nearby Encs has a train station and more shops.

Forro is situated 220 kilometres from Budapest and is easily accessible with car or train.


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"We all four agree that it's nice in the countryside and there is a lot to see. For sure the area is worth visiting. Maybe we will return one day. Who knows? Just keep on renting out the house and we will recommend it if any of our friends wants to visit that part of Hungary." Two Danish couples visiting Forro. 


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Village house in Hungary